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Communication Without Boundaries

Businesses that succeed have one thing in common - they all work as a team. Individual members of a successful team work together. But many employees are mobile, some may be across the building, others in a different time zones, while others may be on another continent. How do you keep track of other team members? With NEC’s UNVERGE SV8100 Communications Server and Desktop Applications, you can see other team members status, when they will be back, and if they are on the phone.

Presence Features

Presence is the ability to know what another team member’s current status which allows you to make better decisions. By hovering over another team members presence icon you can easily determine the following:

  • Presence_2-1Status Are they in the office, out for a few hours, days, or weeks. In the example on the right you see Charlie is “Gone for the Day”.
  • Purpose for leaving the office Is the team member on a customer call, vacation day, out to lunch? In the example on the right you see Charlie is on a service call.
  • Return Time Will the team member out to lunch for an hour, gone for the day, or returning much later? In the example on the right you see Charlie will “Return: 6/15/2009 8:00AM”.
  • Forwarding status of their telephone The NEC Desktop, with it’s tight integration with the SV8100 allows the team member to forward the calls to any number. In the example on the right you see Charlie has his calls forwarded to his cellular phone. When someone calls Charlie, his cell phone will ring and show the caller ID of the calling party (assuming the telephone company delivers it).
  • Free Form Notes Add a line of text to better explain your situation. In the example on the right Charlie is encouraging fellow team members to call with “Feel free to call”.
  • Presence_3-1Telephone Status Is the phone idle, busy, forwarded, or in Do Not Disturb? The telephone status icon changes color based on the status. In the example on the right Charlie’s phone is forwarded - noted b
    y the blue bubble.
  • Special Information What happens when a team member is gone for an extended period of time, changed job duties, or other critical information? The example on the right shows that Charlie is on “Extended Leave”. The color of Charlie’s icon is changed to alert other team members to his extended absence.

Solutions to Drive Success

Cremer Technologies delivers communications solutions that improve workflow. A communication system including Presence will allow your organization to run more efficiently and allow team members to work smarter.

Return on Investment Your investment will see a short Return on Investment (ROI). You will enjoy both hard and soft cost savings. Savings that will continue long after the investment is paid for.